Hey docs not sure where else to post this. Had a nurse take my phone number from my file today after getting a Hep A booster for an out of country trip and feeling confused.

This is more a /r/legaladvice kinda question.

My personal opinion, assuming you aren't interested, text back something along the lines of: hi, sorry but I don't think it's appropriate for you to be using my personal information like this. I'll let it slide this once, but please don't contact me again outside of what's medically necessary. Hope you understand where I'm coming from." It seems to me like she's just overstepped the mark without really getting it. However, if this were a gender-reversal kinda deal, I know it would be perceived differently, so if you want to take it further, that's totally your right.

As for your robbery fear. I mean, well, yeah, that's kinda a risk you take with anywhere having your information I suppose.

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