Hey friends. Wanted to share a short but important / distressing PSA to any future MDMA users out there.

I’m sorry for your loss that’s awful i hope you’ll be okay.

I’ll back up the thread because I can honestly say that I regret ever taking MDMA. I used to do over multiple days a weekend pretty regularly from 18-21 (34 now) and its taken a huge toll on me over the years and I’ll never recover. I didn’t know what depression was until I got a come down, I never thought about death either until I had a come down but I’ve thought about it every day for 10+ years now. I’ve had come downs where suicide was a legitimate option particularly one day where I sat on a train station and decided I was going to jump in front of the next train it was that bad but it was a Saturday so trains don’t run as often and I left because it was 40°c+.

A lot of wasted days lying in bed crying or trying to because I got no other release and physically can’t move anywhere, it’s a tremendous high with an even bigger fall and we’d come up with all sorts of hocus pocus to combat getting a come down but it rarely worked.

I’ve taken it sparingly since I was 21 and took some a few days ago for the first time in years but I feel like I never recovered from the damage down at 18-21 and I regret ever taking it, shits fucked.

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