Hey guys. Im doing nosurf, nofap, nogame challenge.

Well I was a third year chemistry student that started at a new school in a new city. I started dating a meth addict. I never went to class. I decided to live/sleep in a hammock in the woods and store my important belongings in lockers at my university. I stopped going to class and joined every club on campus. Basically I still had a novelty/stimulation addiction. Then I didn't do well in my classes and I was a perfectionist back then that felt bad about anything that wasn't an A+. I decided that clearly there wasn't enough adventure in Chemistry for me and applied for nursing school as a person who had the social skills one might expect from a gaming addict/chronic masturbater/science student/depressed throughout most of high school. I also signed up for part time military training (infantry) at the same time which also didn't suit me because I'm a totally liberal person... I moved back home to my old town, worked for a bit while waiting to get into the military and start my studies as a nursing student. I recovered a bit from my previous escapades. When school started I was a full time student and on the weekends the military brought me by bus to a military base in another city where I did my basic training. This was a ton of work, and military culture and nursing culture are kind of opposite and both were unfamiliar to me at the time which really put a lot of stress on me. I also was never able to fall sleep at the military base (for reasons I don't specifally want to get into). I did this for a year. I rarely saw any friends, but had some okay aquaintances in both new areas of my life. I did well in school somehow. Then I signed up for a 6 week infantry course in the state/province/territory nearby me to complete my trade training. I also never was able to sleep there for reasons/problems I had lied and said I did not have when I signed up. This lead to me becoming paranoid that the people in charge would find out about this problem. I tried to hide it. My mental state declined. I'm afraid even posting this.

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