Hey I'm American. Our president has just said he's going to become a dictator. Where should I move to? Preferably somewhere cold with good healthcare and education.

Canada is going to fill up with unhappy US citizens, including some of our most popular celebrities and sports stars after the election. There is literally no reason to NOT move to Canada at this point.

Canada has great health care, more freedom, a Prime Minister who is a feminist and champion of Critical Race Theory, and we all know how polite and welcoming Canadians are!

Canada already speaks English, so no need to learn a new language...but as a bi-lingual country, you are bound to learn French by immersion while you are there.

BC is beautiful...Alberta is outstanding....and Ontario is there if you prefer "the big city" (Toronto being the 4th largest city in North America).

Since Canada ISNT the US, you can expect the borders to be open to any and all refugees....almost ZERO racism....and a culture that values peaceful resolution to gun violence.

Unless you just cant handle a little extra snow, there is literally NO REASON why you and your family shouldnt already be moved to Canada! Imagine living in a place that got Covid right...that isnt ruled by a racist....and that shares all of your political views, instead of living in a country full of racists, idiots, and losers!

See you all in Canada! Tell em BellyFullofSwans sent you for a free plate of poutine and a firm handshake from a kindly stranger who will be happy to see you arrive!

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