Hey I'm the dude who got his family high on cannabutter update.

Hindsight is 20/20. It is absolutely fucked up to call him a pussy and say he's the reason for his uncle's felony. I'm pissed about this because you have over 400 upvotes. Imagine what this is doing to OP's head when he reads shit like this. I'm sure he feels bad enough that he got kicked out of his house. Which I'm sure is shitty enough. I'm willing to be 50% of this sub or more would do the same thing.

The way I see it: He fucked up keeping his canabutter in the wrong place, uncle seemed to be cool with it and that everything was gonna be ok. Sure, he should have told them it was canabutter. He can't be held responsible for his uncle being in jail, considering he had no idea that was going to happen. For the whole sub to fucking band wagon on this is terrible. Just pointing fingers at someone in a fucked up situation, is the easiest and most ignorant thing you can do.

Everyone saying being kicked out is justified, you are ridiculous. It's all about intent, all he intended was to keep his canabutter in a certain spot. He's not learning anything, except he can't trust his parents and shouldn't keep his canabutter in the wrong place. His sister is in no real danger, honestly they would have been fine if someone went to check on her.

A simple mistake says nothing about your character. People fuck up all the time, with much worse things than what OP did. "Learning your lesson" is fucking archaic and there are better ways to deal with this. You know, like talking and solving the issue with your child. But no, all these people would rather make your kid not trust you and know that you would kick him out when your the only person they are really able to trust. I'm tired of this traditional, "I'm a parent and I know what's best" macho shit that goes on. It's the same reason parents don't put their kids in counseling or don't get counseling themselves. Because for some reason, they apparently know better than people who study what's best for a child.

I'm sorry, but as someone who's had multiple shitty authority figures (foster care and adoption), has a sister who's a counselor and deals with parents like these all the time and being psych major myself, this shit really riles me up.


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