Hey, Norway! I'm going to backpack over there this December! Need some recommendations!

Hey there! Writing out everything I did and experienced over there would take hours! I'll try my best to shorten this. It was extremely fantastic. An experience I will never forget :) I learned so much in each country there; the culture, people, politics, their beliefs, their way of life...so much. The people in the nordic countries are some of the friendliest and most compassionate people I have ever met in my life. Really lovely people. As for the traveling, mostly ups and a few downs. The first two weeks were a pain in the ass because I semi backpacked from Bergen to Oslo in Norway. (There were a few times where I took a bus, hitchhiked, etc) The weather between these cities was extremely bipolar. One town would be extremely wet and cold, the next would have strong winds and snow flying around...it was such a pain backpacking in that kind of weather. It was extremely worth it, though. The forests I went through were extremely beautiful as they were covered in fluffy snow. The views I had from some of the the fjords I went to were breathtaking. I was extremely glad to have had the chance to see the northern lights in Tromso, Norway. Definitely one of the big highlights of my trip. The best one being seeing a Mcdonalds near a strip club in Hamburg, Germany. Hahaha.

One of the many challenges I had during the trip was looking for a place to stay when I REALLY needed it, especially up north in Norway where the population is small. I tried avoiding having to rent a room at a hotel/hostel. Couchsurfing really helped out when it came to that. Many nice people offered me a place to stay for the night. I was pretty lucky and grateful when it came to the small towns/villages. That site pretty much made my traveling so much easier and better as it made it easy for me to connect with the locals more. When you travel to a specific place in the future, check out couchsurfing. It's a great tool. The food was also a challenge. I ate only chocolate, pop tarts, chips, fruit bars and water. The food bag I took lasted me for about 3 weeks. Pretty great for saving money but, man....really kills your stomach. Once I ran out, I lived off of peanut butter sandwiches and more chips from the grocery stores.

I had some spare time to visit Finland and Germany (The transportation in Europe is amazing). Really awesome countries as well. Hamburg was...an interesting city. Haha.

New Years in Stockholm was awesome. I spent it at an "international" party. Met many people from around the world there. The only thing that sucked was the city was covered up in fog out of nowhere and the fireworks couldn't be seen from where I was.

Denmark is really beautiful even though most of the country is flat. Aarhus being my favorite city there.

Welp, I tried my best summarizing my whole trip as short as possible. Again, there are much more I have done but it would take a good chunk of time to write out. Sorry if this is too long, haha.

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