Hey people r/portugal! I have a question about my personal details, since I'm not sure if it's correct.

Mate, I'm so thankful for all the information from you people, thank you thank you thank you for your time. From the getgo I understood how Campo Grande was a part of Lisbon (and even before I asked this question here [which now I shouldn't have asked] I looked up and found out Campo Grande is now Alvalade basically). I shouldn't have asked this question here now I understand, since this is more of an issue of my government and no problem on the Portuguese side. If there's any info from me in Portuguese databases it's probably correct, and I don't doubt that. I am going to take action here. I will do option one.

I made no bitching comments about the Portuguese Republic, this whole mess was definitely caused by a Hungarian administration/translation issue. The Portuguese Republic is not wrong, the Hungarian is, and I know that. I'm not saying comments about how Portugal should work so it would benefit me. I'm just asking Portuguese people. I got my answer, and I'm respecting each wise comment and replying to it... What's the issue with that? I'm not trying to be toxic, especially not with a topic like this. Why would I be toxic? Sorry if I sounded toxic, I had no intentions.

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