Hey Reddit, what's the strangest coincidence you've ever personally experienced?

Not me but a coworker.

He was born and adopted in the midwest, and then he and his adopted family moved to the south where he grew up. Now he lives on the west coast and works as an ER nurse.

Last year he decided to get in contact with his birth parents. It turned out his mom had him when she was 15 and gave him up because she was so young. She wasn't with his birth dad anymore. Here is the crazy part: It turned out she was also an ER nurse! And two more of her kids were also ER nurses! And the craziest part: She grew up on the west coast in a town very, very close by to where my coworker lives now, and she was born in the exact hospital he works at now! Her family had moved to the midwest when she was a preteen.

My coworker, in his 40s, is now in regular contact with her, and they have a lot in common. But those coincidences listed above were just mind-blowing when I heard them.

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