Hey Reddit, what's the strangest coincidence you've ever personally experienced?

My older sister and I were both born the exact same minute of the day, 2:24 PM. I was unaware of this phenomenon until my sophomore year in high school and it just so happened to be that my soccer jersey number was 2 and my baseball number 24. It gets better, going into my freshmen year of college I decided to switch where I was going at the last minute and ended up being randomly placed in room 224. I then transferred after my first semester and all of the freshman dorms were full at my new school and of course ended up randomly placed in room 224. Fast forward a few years and I had hit a rough spot in life and my parents graciously took me under their new roof. They had been looking for a house in a new area for months and happened to drive by a public auction that ended up being their new home, the address was of course 224.

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