Hey Reddit, what's the strangest coincidence you've ever personally experienced?

Had a best friend all the way up til 5th grade until he moved away (still same state), and we never spoke after that but I always wondered what happened to him.

9 years later in junior year at a 4 year anniversary, Facebook came out. While in class one day, I randomly remembered him and looked him up. Found him! So I shot him a message and asked him if he remembered me.

Got back to my dorm and I got a reply. He said of course he remembers and asked what I was up to.

Turns out he was at the same school as I was! Digging deeper, we quickly discovered we had the same major! Then we discussed classes and holy fucking shit, he was in the same goddamn class I was in when I shot him the Facebook message.

After this exchange and learning we were both living on campus, I met him up 5 minutes later.

Hugged the hell out of him, picked right back where we left off, and even lived together the next year off-campus.

Life’s trippy, but awesome sometimes.

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