Hey Reddit, what's the strangest coincidence you've ever personally experienced?

Not sure if this counts. I dated this girl in high school for a couple months then we broke up. She attended a different school than me. Soon after I started dating another girl same deal different school as me and also a different school from the first girl. Kinda out of no where the first girl called me up after a month apart I heard her parents had just gotten a divorce and felt bad for her anyway I just gotten my licenses and she asked if I wanted to hang out no big deal so I drove over her house maybe 15 mins from mine. Next thing I know we were hooking up nothing beyond that. I did feel Bad about cheating on the second girl but I still felt bad for the first one with the problems she was going through at home, so I kinda brushed it off like no big deal. Anyway I got home that night and there was a message on my AIM away messages thing (AOL instant messenger for anyone too young to remember) from the first girl basically saying it was great to seeing each other AND HOW HAPPY AND EXCITED SHE WAS THAT WE WERE ‘BACK TOGETHER’.... which was total fucking news to me. So I perceived to tell a buddy of mine about it and he couldn’t get over how fucking cool it was , dating two girls and the circumstances of attending different schools and how easy it would be to pull this off. Being teenage idiot I went for it maybe more or less like I said I get bad for the first girl. Anyway I pulled the jig for just over two months really taught me as teenager how to manage my time more than any lecture from a teacher or parents did. So back to the second girl she was awesome we got along great we were together but nothing super serious as she had strict parents but I def see it going further. Anyway one night she asked me to come over and watch a movie (Spider-Man 2 just came out on dvd). So we go down to her basement to like a tv room to watch it and one of the walls had bunch of family photos and who do I see ? Girl number one and turns out her and girl 2 are cousins. Yeah I was def shocked but my adrenaline kinda kicked up too at the moment. Anyway I end up telling my buddy again about the new development in this jig and turns out he knew the entire time they were cousins but was confident I could still pull it off. Anyway winter sports season was now starting and I had event so I’m warming up and I noticed girl one was there kinda surreal since we didn’t attend the same school. Then holy hell girl two walked in with some friends (had teammate that dated one of her friends) after while I looked up and yep they were sitting next to each other,,,,,, they didn’t look happy.

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