Hey seniors, take this advice to heart

Forgive me for sounding incredibly biased in my previous comment. I consider myself very liberal, but you insinuating I don't do research on my beliefs and blindly following a movement made me pause and reevaluate my comment. I never, ever want to come across that way. I take pride in the fact that I research every viewpoint I hold before I preach about it.

That being said, I still disagree with you. Politics has made us all cynical, but I still have hope for a better future where I can feel proud to vote for someone and they actually end up in office...

I get very personally defensive over this topic because politics have a direct impact on my life, because I'm trans. So I apologize for seeming close-minded in my previous comment. I'm used to living in a town where I constantly have to defend myself against people who don't know anything about politics. It gets exhausting, but I guess it carries over to the internet for me. You sound like you've spent a lot of time forming your own opinions, and I'm glad you've done your own research, I respect you for that.

I wish we didn't vote on a two-party system, tbh. Would solve a lot of problems we have.

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