I can tell you are nervous, but I promise you have nothing to worry about! The doctors will take great care of you.

Once they call you into the room, you will lay down on the table with the papoose board so you can be wrapped up so you will be safe! The medicine they will give you will make you sleepy! When I had laughing gas I went right to sleep. The dentists will make sure you are comfortable while you get your cavities filled.

Once the dentists are done they will have you wait until the medicine wears off some before you can leave the office. You might still feel a little goofy, but you’ll be ok to get up and walk and stuff! You will still be tired too.

Whoever drives you to the dentist will make sure you get home safely so you can rest!

You most likely will not have an accident while you’re teeth are being worked on, even if you do it’s ok! But, you can put a pad down if it will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Even if you get nervous just remember the dentist has done this many times. You will be safe. And the dentist will make sure it won’t be painful.

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