I am going to run the contrary opinion. It is awful. If you like Godzilla, well, he won't officially appear until around 7 episodes in.

You will be treated to multiple text messages dancing across the screen as the two main characters attempt to figure out what is happening. Yes, you get the joy of reading and listening to texts for what feels like an eternity almost every episode.

Be prepared for an intriguing idea to become overexplained to the point that it is impossible to figure out if there is any logic. Unfortunately, those meandering conversations about supercalcators and Archetypes and so on are all conveyed...by text message! More of them!

The battles are decent, but there aren't many of them and they aren't long. Most of the redesigns and new characters remind me of the GoBots of the toy world. They are somewhat recognizable, but in the end, they look like cheap knockoffs.

There will be a few moments of positivity, though, because in one sequence, you will realize that they are quite literally cribbing images and concepts directly from Shin Godzilla, and then you will feel the desire to watch a far better concept.

In the end, it was a complete waste of my time. Those of you on this board who complain "there isn't enough Godzilla" in any film but then highly rate Singular Point need to check yourselves. You have to sit through around 150 minutes of science gobbledygook and bizarre characters who speak in random thoughts (and an irritating old man WHO YELLS EVERYTHING), which is about 60 percent of the entire runtime of the show.

This reminds me of Godzilla (98): it would have had some redeeming features if they didn't try to associate it with Godzilla.

Awful. I have no idea how I managed to watch it.

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