Hi guys I'm a 23 year old queer (24m) black male from Canada. I'm in love with my twin flame in Orange County, we have been fighting all summer. I truly love him and I know that he's the love of my life. Do you think I should send it to him?

Glad I could help. There's not really a magic number but if there is a chance of you ending up together I think you need to give him space to miss you and fall for you again, it sounds like a lot has happened between the two of you. Let him reach out to you first. Stop with the love declarations and when you do talk, talk about the stuff you have in common. Music, shows, hobbies. Talk about your lives. Rebuild what you had. I have learned the hard way that once the conversation becomes more about the state of the relationship than the fundamental stuff that brought you together in the first place you're holding onto something that isn't real anymore out of desperation, and desperation is just about the biggest turn off there is.

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