Hi guys, I’ve been a dog trainer and caretaker for over 10 years. I have trained a service dog, have a lot of knowledge on different techniques, canine psychology, and have dealt with many different cases. I’m here to offer some free advice to those who currently can’t afford a trainer.

Hi - This is a great thing to do. I have a 10-month old corgi and he’s developed a relatively new habit. Whenever he sees two other dogs playing roughly, he’ll run up to them and bark at them (almost like he’s trying to break up a fight). He won’t actually play with either of them, just keep barking until they stop. It’s not hugely problematic behavior but I can see it being annoying to the other dogs and their owners. Any advice on why he does this and what to do to stop it would be greatly appreciated! So far I’ve had difficulty training this out of him because it’s not really a situation I can control or create repeatedly (I don’t know when two dogs are going to start playing vigorously!)

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