Hi, I’m Duncan Trussell – I play Clancy in Netflix’s new animated series, The Midnight Gospel. I created the new series with the brilliant Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time) – Ask Me Anything!

Robert Anton Wilson would be proud of you, Duncan. Your show is a multi-dimensional trip through endless "reality tunnels" without necessarily committing to any one of them as the gospel truth.

I've only watched a few episodes but I love your themes of psychedelics, magick, and death--while simultaneously rolling through a seamless simulation of bizarre proportions. You've managed to make a show that's enlightening and hilarious.

And you have so much material to work with from your podcast (interviews and music from your synthesizer and intros and more)!

Every you re-watch an episode, you pick up another seed of thought. Hopefully those seeds will grow into mauve-colored, psychedelic plants, dripping wisdom into people's brain lobes.

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