Hi I’m Eminem. I became famous by being a drug addict who constantly made songs about murdering women and raping my mother. My political opinions are rational and well thought out though.

RATM was -- first and foremost -- a band. That band carried itself to the TOP of the worldwide music scene, in an age when big labels still controlled everything.
The music and the money was the priority, not De La Rocha or Morello's activism, and when Zac bucked the system too hard, you'll notice that didn't go over so well. As for practicing what you preach: check De La's resume.

Eminem has done a shit ton of great tracks in the last ten years and saying otherwise is silly. What standards are you even applying?

Eminem you should absolutely take seriously. His lyrics are not parody and satire. They are artistic expression. You aren't supposed to celebrate his attack on the president. Nobody is holding a gun to your head.

And YES, Eminem became anti-homophobia and more sensitive to social change because he changed over time. That's what a LOT of people do in life as they get older. Dude....really?

Get with the times? Naw, man. I love you and I want the best for you, but you're being left behind by the world, I suggest you catch up.

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