Hi my name is Evelyn, I was born with two vaginas (2 completely independent reproductive systems), I was a high class independent escort for 8 years and used one vagina for 'work' and saved one for my personal life. I don't think that counts as cheating. Ask me anything!

Wow! My best friend has this as well and I didn’t know what it was called. We hooked up once or twice and I noticed something while I was fingering her but didn’t key into it right away. Hers is more at an angle, with one side having a tight opening but being wider towards the cervix and the other being wide at the beginning but narrow at the other cervix.

She ended up tearing the webbing (membrane? Idk what it’s called) quite badly during some vigorous sex and was not taken seriously while seeking medical attention...folks thought that she was having a heavy period and was nodding off not due to shock and blood loss but rather they assumed she was an opiate user. Which she wasn’t but that’s kind of beside the point. She needed 6 units of blood by the time they actually figured out she needed real help. In part because she was passed out from blood loss and no one had ever fucking seen anything like it before, so they were trying to operate and cauterize the wound / stop bleeding while being absolutely baffled at what they were looking at.

So please, you know, be careful! I didn’t realize it was so well supplied with blood and tearing it could cause such extensive bleeding in such a short amount of time.

She also said that any gyne-related appointment would inevitably include the docs calling down the hall “hey _________, check this out”, and she’d end up with a crowd of docs and residents standing around being amazed while she’s laying on the table in the stirrups. She’s a bit of a ham so I think she totally didn’t mind this but it is a funny sight to imagine.

Since it’s an AMA I suppose I might need to put a question in so: have you met anyone else with this condition? I’m amazed more folks aren’t sharing stories about it in the comments, which makes me think this is actually way more rare than I realized.

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