Hi, I need a bit of help with German

Thank you so much for such a detailed explanation!!

Instead of "Später 'lernte' ich...", I'd say: "Später 'erfuhr' ich..." --> personal preference but it also does sound a little more logicaly

Would it also be okay to say "Später wusste ich"?

Your sentence: "Deswegen ging ich in einen Laden und habe ich <<...>> gesagt.", is almost right. Because you already mentioned the subject "ich" you can't let it away and make: "Deswegen ging ich in einen Laden und habe __ <<...>> gesagt." If you however insist to use the subject again, you just have to put the subject in front of the verb. --> Already mentioned subject = possible to let away / normal construction.

Sorry, I don't get this - you mean the right sentence would be "Deswegen ging ich in einen Laden und ich habe <<...>> gesagt." ??

I hope my questions don't bother you, hahah.

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