Hi Reddit - I am Christopher Darden, Prosecutor on O.J. Simpson's Murder Trial. Ask Me Anything!

HUGE implications. I mean, my dad was an LEO and pissed that he responded to calls and the perps were let out - lather rinse repeat - that's the hardest thing about the job is that you are most likely to run into the same POS just days later and he had to put himself between the wifebeater and the woman ONE TOO MANY TIMES. So I can see why someone who responds to a life-death matter with some thug with a gun to his wife's head and he get's let off would maybe plant something to nail that fucker to the wall once and for all.

If the justice system worked more on reformation than congregated punishment wherein the factions of Crime Syndicates train their replacements and drugs were regulated and distributed legally we might not see such destruction in these communities. Having been close to them as an ex dope-fiend (IV and crack) I can empathize, but then again I know how it is when you get clean and realize finally that not everyone you meet on the streets is a doper: when you are in the life you basically start having a neon sign over your head so as to make you THINK everyone does the shit.

I went through it.

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