Hi. Sorry for my bad Enlglish.

I'm an another korean slut you might have slept with. I'm going to write about r/Korea and post it on online. I don't know how it affects foreigners in Korea, but I already wrote lots of things and it went viral and I can see it will go viral, too. I'm not hating all of you, just want koreans to know they are living in their dreams. Assholes are everywhere in every country. Think I'm one of them. It's just like yesterday I saw a post "What's with the white worshipping in Korea?". well, hope you enjoy the meantime. Bye kiss bye bye bye.

Dear Sir or Madam,

As a proud Korean woman, I resent your continual slurring of my heritage and origin. It has come to my attention that you have accused me and my sisters of sexual deviancy in an infamous and devilish manner. Cowards! I should like to make your foul ways known by exposing you in an open letter uploaded to my internet website. It may come to be that this letter is embarrassing to you, but the truth will out as it has in the past, and once again lady justice directs my hand in this endeavor. The public has a desire to know, and my words may catch fire and spread. It's not my intention to paint you with the broad brush strokes of a stereotype, however I believe my people need to let go of their illusions about your kind. There are those among us who, while they may seem uncouth to such as you, cannot set aside emotion for decorum, and I believe you'll agree that my people hold no monopoly on this virtue. Why, it was but yesterday that I read the words written here, casting aspersions on our kind nature and desire to peaceably engage with your kind. Those who sully our attempts at friendship do us a wrong. In closing, I offer my sincere hope that the remaining, brief, stay in our country is not wasted. Let me place my lips upon yours and whisper a firm and final goodbye.

P.s. Your inability to grasp our language is a source of considerable amusement to me and speaks to the savage nature bred in your bloodline.

P.p.s. If it suits you, perhaps the land of the rising sun would wish you welcome where we do not.


A 12 year old Korean boy.

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