Hi there, I need to do a teacher interview for my diversity class. I was wondering if any of you wonderful teachers of reddit can answer some of these for me.

I'll help you out since I work at a pretty diverse school. 1. The best part of my job is interacting with students; they are the reason I wake up everyday. I'm here for them. When a student doesn't understand a concept, or if he/she is having general life problems, I want them to know that I'm here for them. I like walking around the room and helping students on a one-to-one basis. As for my higher performing students, I also enjoy their work. The material they produce never ceases to amaze me. 2. I don't have many rules. I don't believe in "no rules". All I ask from my students it to be respectful, professional, and to work hard. 3. Hmm.. Tricky question. I teach HS, but I would have to say middle school. Middle school has a humongous impact on kids. I taught at one shortly, and I remember seeing innocent 6th graders turn into drug dealers by 8th grade. I just wish I could have stopped this. 4. I've been teaching on and off. Got my license in 2000(?) 5. I think I lived in a bubble before becoming a teacher. I've worked in the worse inner city schools to the best schools in the state, and possibly the nation. Each time I switched school my expectations shifted. In the inner city school, I thought I could maintain order and control, but I couldn't. The students made death threats and sometimes assaulted me to the point where security had to increase their patrols. 6. Absolutely. I love being a teacher. 7. 8. 9. I work for a programming consultant firm during the summer break. 10. I would say my current classrooms is one of the most diverse I've ever had. I have students with backgrounds from Russia, China, Japan, Germany, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Korea, and a bunch of other countries. Many of my students 1st generation immigrants whose parents push them to excel. 11. At one of my prior schools, Asian students was being discriminated against by their peers. If I saw any form of bullying/harassment I would sent the student to the dean.I have zero tolerance for this behavior. Unfortunately, the issue was more of a cultural thing. The administration tried to promote a culture of acceptance, which was somewhat effective. I tried to make students work in pairs which I believe had a minor affect.

Yup. I think thats enough. You can pm or comment if you want to follow up. gl

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