High-income Americans pay most income taxes, but enough to be 'fair'? | Pew Research Center

it's like putting a salary cap on high earners

:cough: bullshit :cough:

No it's not. High earners are only taxed at a higher rate on income that is above the bracket. I'm not an accountant or an economist, but pretending like the progressive income tax somehow levels the economy or prevents earning (like it chops off income above a certain level altogether) is a cop out that has been used for years and still doesn't hold any water. Salary cap my ass. They just provide stock to the highest earners instead.

How would you define an "equal society"? I understand the role of the capitalist and that corporations make business happen. I never called them evil. I never called rich people evil. It's not like a tax is punishment. It's a responsibility.

Rich people have gained more from our society, and they must contribute more to its upkeep. oh ... and

most rich people are just good savers

really? I'd like to see the average income of an individual to the average income of their parent's household. I bet that might punch a few holes in this view. Most rich people come from advantaged backgrounds ... why? that's how money works.

At the end of the day money earns money and affords opportunities to make more money. Money gathers money the way power gathers power. It compounds on itself. I am not ascribing a moral judgement on wealth. Income and wealth are good. Businesses provide the framework for trade. It's a good thing. Wealth works the way it works though, and if you have wealth, getting more wealth is a lot —a lot— easier ... and what better way to gain wealth than income?

Oh, and implying the poor have jobs because of the rich while ignoring the fact that the rich have businesses because of the poor is pretty indicative of the unjust worldview from which arguments against the progressive income tax often spring.

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