High quality snow shovels?

You are taking 25 years so unbelievably literally it's hilarious. I asked for a high quality shovel that would last a long time. I'd take a guess a really great quality one would last about 25 years if they are better than the ones I find in hardware stores. This is also based on other shovels i've seen last this long or longer. This is not rocket science. Yes it may not last that long but there's also a good chance it will depending if someone knows of a brand that makes them. I also provided you with a list of 50 items around my house that will easily hit that age and are very close. You still believe no item could ever last that long for some very strange reason. Even after getting a list of 50 items that easily disprove that. This is why you are a disaster. Maybe shop outside the dollar store if you can afford it and you'll see i'm correct.

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