High Resolution Population Density in Selected Chinese vs. US Cities [1500 x 3620] [OC]

The bottom line is, no one wants to live like that. We have towers like that in London and they're not particularly appealing. One burned down in 2017 killing hundreds of people. They're popular amongst immigrants and those who can't afford alternative accommodation.

It would be more efficient, but would you choose to live like that, assuming you have the financial means for a higher standard, more spacious home? I'm not sure you would. I certainly wouldn't. The thought alone drives me to increase my holding to avoid that sort of life for future me.

We'll inevitably see more of those sorts of towers erected to meet the housing demands as wealth inequality increases across the West. As for now, though, people aren't struggling enough. Supply always meets demand - we're just not there yet.

We'd be better off controlling the population, but for whatever reason, that's off limits.

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