"The higher the frequency of a radar system, the more it is affected by weather conditions such as rain or clouds." - Radar technology expert Christian Wolff (ret. Captain/Senior Master Sergeant in German Air Force)

This is exactly what I wanted to hear from you.

saying he "took credit" is a random assumption as well

It’s based on his exact words and his implied meaning.

still doesn't make it relevant to this thread

Is the PM not relevant to this thread? Does what he say not relevant to this sub? You and I both know he messed up and now you’re just trying to save face by giving that embarrassment of an excuse.

What he says matters, and everything that he says will and is relevant to this thread.

Congress’ past actions have been bought up infinite times in threads which were supposed to be about completely different topics. So this point stands valid:

Why did the PM lie about the camera ?

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