This is the highest CDMG of all of my characters. I'm proud of my oni boi even his CR is sometimes not really good :') (Credits to Noelle and Albedo for artifact swap)

I get what you’re saying in this thread, big pp numbers make brain happy, but this isn’t advisable for a standard build. It’s fine if you want to have a crit fish build and go try to one shot bosses.

But I feel like the frustration of missing your crits half the time in either overworld or abyss is not worth the satisfaction of seeing big numbers the other half of the time.

Especially in abyss, missing your crits can be the difference between a 36 star clear and a 35 and below clear. It will take a few crit hits to make up for the dps loss of even one crit hit.

The other commenter is right, 70/220 is objectively stronger than your current build. Here’s the math:

(52.2 x 241.6)/100= 126.12

(70 x 220)/100= 154

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be proud of this built, good crit fish builds still take a lot of work, so congrats! But in terms of abyss and consistent dps, this build isn’t optimal.

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