[Highlight] Draymond wasn’t happy after this Bones Hyland foul on Otto Porter Jr: "That's a knee to the nuts! I got suspended from the Finals game for that!"

It’s dumb anyway because not only would he still gotten suspended if he did that when they played the Cavs this dude is talking like the Dubs we’re locked to win the series or some dumb shit. He was assessed a flagrant in game 3 and could’ve been suspended regardless of minimum limits due to how egregious it was and how often he did it that year.

They lost game 4 in which he played, if you say you watched the 3 games they won afterwards from front to back and don’t find at least one or two plays he could’ve been assessed another flagrant for I’ll call you a liar.

If he was treated like any other player he misses another game and GSW likely doesn’t even make the finals that year.

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