[Highlight] Harden drains back-to-back threes to reach 9 3PM for the game

You know I was gonna engage you with my thoughts on the beard but I realized youre as much a hater on him as my fellow rox fans are stans(the thing theyre supposed to be btw). Theres no room for reasonable discussion b/c youre just gonna shit on him period. I dont know what he did to you, b/c its not like yall lost against us in the playoffs/finals. I understand 90s era knicks fans still hating on MJ and reggie, or anybody hating the KD era dubs. With harden its like politics, pick a side. People like me get ignored.

Im a rox fan who appreciates harden as the 2nd best player in franchise history. I have the ability to have nuance tho. He has flaws and has failed spectacularly(spurs w/ no kawhi) and also had to play in a broken matrix era the past 3 year that just now reset.

I know your script. His style of play is bad, flopping, failures, stepback not sustainable, points over wins, no defense, I get it. Im from the school of jordan I dont need an education on winning. I understand the work Dream put in. I'm not a stan who drinks the kool aid and feels imprisoned in my political party. Youre allowed to think for yourself, super revolutionary idea. And it is possible to not be as reductive as you are. Are you so stuck in your ways that you cant think outside of your position on him? If not then youre no different from the rox fans who defend him imo. Hate Hate Hate or Praise Praise Praise, thats it

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