[Highlight] Michael Irvin on another level on First Take this morning following the Cowboys win

That’s perfectly fine. But if you’re gonna exclaim that you don’t like something that’s critically acclaimed or has multiple awards or the majority of people do like, you should expect to be able to explain why you feel that way in a somewhat articulate manner. Not because anyone is entitled to that information. But more so for the respect of the conversation. Unless you generally don’t give a shit what that other person has to say…. But then that makes me wonder why someone opted to participate in the conversation in the first place?

Like, what was the point? I’m kinda just looking through their comments and it honestly just seems like 1. They didn’t understand that Jenna and Tracy’s characters were intended to illicit those feelings. Or 2. Or they did understand it but just wanted something “different”. Again perfectly fine but where is the humility in simply saying something like “I guess I didn’t feel that way”? It’s like the person is scared we’re gonna call them stupid or something. At this point I’m doing legitimate “work” just so that I can have a conversation and understand where that person is coming from. Simply put, I equate that as you value your time much more than mine so it’s up to me to “figure it out”. That’s weirdly entitled. Especially if someone is trying to understand where you are coming from….

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