A highlight of my Christmas - 5 generation photo - ages 93, 72, 50, 28, 0.5

I'm going to think positively about the time my parents have left, because that's the best any human being can do. Assume the best outcome. I think it's delusional to think having younger parents will magically by you more time with them.

My mother was raised by teen parents and she didn't get more time. She had a hellish childhood because her parents weren't ready to be parents. My grandmother had a horrific life and died extremely young.

This whole "If my parents had me younger, I'd get more time with them" is total fucking bullshit. You don't know that 10 "extra" years will amount to anything because shit happens in this world.

If anything you will probably make your life worse.

People assume that your parents will be the same parents if they had you at any age. It's not fucking true. The point in their lives that they have you impact the life you have growing up. If they have already finished school, if they have savings instead of debt, if they own a home, if they have established their careers...these are all things that impact how you are raised. If your same parents had you 10 years younger, they may have been way shittier parents. More likely to divorce, more stress, more debt, less mature.

I just find it extremely hypocritical. I'm 26 and I don't have a single friend from highschool or college that has started having children. I barely know one person who has gotten married. Many people are waiting to get married and have kids.

I'm sorry that I can't sit here and listen to someone wish their parents had them younger, when their parents were only 33/34 and that's the age everyone around me will probably get around to having kids. If our generation has decided it's better to wait, than it's pretty fucking hypocritical to wish our parents had us in their 20's. That's saying "You should have done this, but I won't do it myself."

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