[highlight] Rowdy Tellez hits his second homer in as many innings, pushing the Brewers' lead to 8-3 over Toronto

The Blue Jays took a lot of flyers on poor control projects when they were losing a lot of games. Some of them worked out in contract years, but players often put a ton of effort into contract years to get paid. It’s not a good indicator of long term performance. When some of them worked out, Blue Jays’ fans had this weird obsession/idea that Pete Walker is a great pitching coach. But they constantly ignored all of his failures, including the consistent failure to develop young pitchers. Now that he’s getting pitchers that aren’t projects but are already big leaguers, he’s still tinkering with them constantly like he did with the projects, the results aren’t good, and the reaction is… they forgot how to throw a baseball?

Like Walker literally took one of the most consistent pitchers in baseball, an above-average guy in Berrios, and won’t stop trying to get him to change things. Yeah, Berrios isn’t a Cy Young winner. He was a consistent above-average pitcher. He doesn’t have a Cy Young potential pitch mix. The team is supposedly to happily take the consistent above-average performance. But Walker seems to believe his own bullshit because they just keep trying to tinker with him instead of letting him because him.

It’s going to suck when Manoah has some rough starts and Walker tries to “fix” it.

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