[Highlight] Steve Javie says consideration is taken if a player already has a tech and if the action is enough for an ejection not just a tech foul

Lol. This isn’t that important to me buddy. I was thinking you were a particular “type” off laker fan. So I asked. And you definitely meet the criteria.

I can admit the post looked like more overt gatekeeping, which is why I deleted it. Mentioning I was a Bronco fan, which clearly indicates that I support rooting for the team you like, was a nod towards fixing that.

You’re dying on the hill. It seems too important too you. That’s what hill-dying is about. I prefer the TNT crew of course, we all do, but bashing Mark and VG seems pointless. That’s really all I was saying. They are conversational, challenge each other, discuss strategy, etc. It’s fine, buddy.

It’s odd how much you care about the wrong things. And your aggression.

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