Highly req. follow-up to the first bingo card. Bonus secular card.

BRUH how is one card my dad and the other card my mom???


Oddly enough... this just like triggered something in my memory that I've always been stuck on... After going to a neighbor's birthday party she told me she wouldn't invite me to stuff with her school friends anymore because they thought I was "weird". I've always felt really sad an insecure about this one comment, just racking my brain for an explanation. Now it just... makes sense in the overall context of my life. I really was "that weird kid".

Here's mine:

To Train Up A Child / Adventures in Odyssey / Answers in Genesis/Creationism / Alpha Omega / Veggie Tales / Extensive unpaid labor / Fixated on Victorian Era / Being the Weird Kid / Body Dysmorphia / Focus on the Family / Only being good at writing / Memorizing scripture / Guilt complexes / old photos no one will ever see -

At mom's house:

Unschool / Enmeshment / Eastern/Hippy / Gardening / VEGAN / Depression/ Cults / Neglect/ Lonliness / Permissive parenting / Cartoons/ Boredom / I AM MOM's THERAPIST/ Granola / Broke / NO FUNCTIONAL [email protected]/ Art and music study / no boundaries / Avoided? by conservative families (always the "bad" kid to the conservatives, but always conservative to "normal" people )

Well I am glad I found this subreddit on the day of my mental breakdown, thanks :)

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