Highly sensitive person/empath in a family of psychopaths - has anyone else been in a similar situation?

I was the sensitive one in my family and I became the scapegoat. It was hell. It's the worst emotional abuse because you are ridiculously loyal and sympathetic to your family, and then they use your trust in them to convince you that you are worthless. I say the whole family because Nparenta generally turn siblings against each other and make then all little lone wolves. Eventually the siblings accept that you are the scapegoat too and treat you that way subconsciously. I have medically diagnosed PTSD from growing up in this situation. Thankfully as an adult I have been able to work on fostering my best qualities. I am still mega-empathic, but I have learned to control my emotional investment in those around me and build my standards of how I expect to be treated. So I'm still empathic, but I have a spine and a thick skin, basically I am building great relationships with people that I love to be around and focusing my sensitive personality into being a compassionate and helpful friend and family member to those who don't abuse it. It's still a blessing to be a sensitive person as long as you are willing to really learn to control your emotions and invest them wisely.

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