I highly suggest everyone watch 4corners tonight.

Bonking staffers is the least-worst thing Christian porter has been accused of today-

Attorney General Christian Porter failed to disclose his use of controversial National Security Information (NSI) orders in criminal proceedings, blaming an “administrative oversight”.

Despite the Attorney General being required by law to table his use of NSI orders to Federal Parliament each year, Christian Porter has failed to do so ever since he was appointed to the role in 2017. This is despite Porter showing great enthusiasm for the legal sledgehammer he discovered when he took on the job.

NSI orders confer on the Attorney General some of the most extreme powers imaginable in a justice system. Under the orders, evidence used in a prosecution can be withheld not just from the public but also from the accused, the defence team and witnesses for the defence. All of this power is put into the hands of a member of Cabinet, the Attorney General, to conceal whatever he or she wishes. What could possibly go wrong there?



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