Higuain on his future, "we'll see, I'll return on 25th in training under pirlo", move to MLS, "I wouldn't mind"

I disagree. They're not two different things. They are the same at least in the way they ignore and oppose expert academic, scientific and empiric advise at the same rate, and that they are just as liable to lick boots and rage against the vulnerable migrant.

So naturally I call them retards, just kidding. I'm friends with many and you can expect me to be as civil with them as I'm being right now.

I think we might be speaking past eachother, because the goal posts have moved recently.

Anyway, I guess what I'm getting at is that whatever political movement finally moves us away from this retarded state of affairs, it's going to have to resonate with people with common goals. Social programs, universal basic income and strong safety nets are all common goals between leftists and 2020 anti-trump neoliberals, believe it or not.

Just go ask around at /r/neoliberal

So yeah, I look at a leftist and a neoliberal calling eachother names these days and I just want to make them kiss instead, I guess. Calling people scum is so 80's, man.

That's all I've got.

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