I find this hilarious to do

For telling the truth about my life? Ill continue to defend myself against judgemental assholes to the end. If they want to come at me sideways after my first comment (which did not insult ANYONE btw) then ill tell them to go fuck themselves. The majority of them are jealous that me and my wife don't have to do traditional work and are more than likely living more comfortably than most on reddit.

These guys can joke around about me being an internet tough guy all they want but I'm fucking telling you that If these guys talked the same shit online about my wife to my face I would absolutely fuck them up without a moments hesitation.

If you find that to be too unbelievable then its experiment time. Why don't you go up to the next married couple you see and call a guys wife a whore and see what happens. TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS. TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK WOULD HAPPEN.

This is not a front. This is not a lie. I would start beating their face in and wouldnt stop until I was exhausted just like MOST married men with balls would do.

Thats NOT insecurity. That is defending someone's honor. Namely my wife's. Not all sex workers are whores. I know this subreddit is filled to the brim with incels but if you guys actually use your fucking brains for just two god damn seconds you would realize that people detach themselves from their work all the time. As soon as my wife is done working its family time. We live a normal fucking life just like all of you she just has a different job that is controversial so yall shit all over it because you have nothing better to do with your sad pathetic stagnant lives than to shit on others online. Its truly pathetic.

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