Hillary Clinton: 'The president asked a foreign power to help him win an election. Again.'

What's tragic is that you bought into the right wing propaganda saying that everyone on the left hates guns and wants to take them all away. Yes, there's a very loud minority that feel that way, but the vast majority of democrats are gun owners or are OK with others owning them as long as there's some sensible legislation.

I mean shit, I live in the evil liberal, anitifa infested city of Portland, and damn near every one of my friends owns guns. The 2 people I know who don't own any are always stoked to go up on the mountain and shoot stuff.

Despite the right accusing them of having draconian laws, California has more guns per capita than Texas. Let that shit sink in.

tl;dr: "The dems will take your guns" is a fucking played out boogeyman used by the right to scare ignorant hicks into continuing to vote against their own self interest.

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