Hillary Clinton Robbed Bernie Sanders of the Democratic Nomination, According to Donna Brazile

What fact is it you're looking for? Is there like a magic combination required before you can not trust someone. How do you make it through life not getting taken advantage of constantly?

So, You asked for someone to point out the fault in your argument.
I guess you weren't clear about your argument. Because it seems like your argument was that it's not wrong for Hillary to pay for and own the DNC because the DNC didn't have money so it's their fault for letting her buy them. And it's actually fine for them to do take steps to protect the donor by working against her opposition. I actually didn't think you were that stupid... So instead of saying why it's not right for a presidential primary candidate to basically own a political party to eliminate her opposition, I chose to tell you one reason it's not likely that the funds that she has such an abundance of are likely suspect. I could find more sources, more facts and more proof, but it's not my job to build your opinions. It's your job to do research, look at facts and use logic to reach conclusions. Not just show up somewhere with a shit opinion, yell "prove me wrong" and then act like no one has done it yet when you're not satisfied with their response.

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