Hillary Clinton: 'White nationalists certainly think MAGA is a white nationalist slogan'

If hitler had a dog, does that make all other dog owners evil?

I’m not a trump supporter, but I think it’s dumb to pretend all trump supporters are white nationalists. And it’s dumb that a vocal minority can be allowed to take something much bigger than themselves, and claim it as their own.

Although it is disturbing to see such a rise of white nationalism. But we gotta remember that’s still a small portion of his supporters. Most of his supporters are like, regular people.

But it is healthy to talk about why white nationalist think they can use MAGA. Trump needs to denounce these groups more clearly, but he is clearly afraid of losing votes. That’s really the biggest issue here imo.

Don’t hate someone for wearing a maga hat, unless they actually deserve it bc they’re an asshole. Many people have very valid reasons for their opinions and beliefs, even when they’re different from ours.

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