Hillary Voters Owe It To America To Stop Calling Everyone A Nazi And Start Reading WikiLeaks

I can already see this argument degrading because we fundamentally disagree on how economics work, and what basic economic principles are. If that's what this argument is going to devolve into, let's just leave it be, I honestly don't have the stamina to have this argument again after this election.

"Markets" are people making decisions on what to buy and sell. When markets benefit, the people working in those markets benefit. These markets benefit by comparative advantage and increase overall production and efficiency.

Corporations benefiting isn't inherently bad. Corporate welfare is, when it promotes things which don't also have a benefit to the economy as a whole. Prime example is corn, it helps local economies and the companies, but as a whole it is a economic inefficiency.

Here's a poll from major economicts on NAFTA - http://www.igmchicago.org/igm-economic-experts-panel/poll-results?SurveyID=SV_0dfr9yjnDcLh17m

The major downfall to NAFTA was the rise of China, had NAFTA worked the way it should have, the benefit Mexico gained would be spent on US goods. Even then, NAFTA is helped lower costs of goods and can be regarded, overall, as a positive decision. I'm not giving you a good argument here and I know it, so take my watered down argument, I've had this argument so many times I just can't get into it any more.

If you want to make a change how corporations spend their money, you have to incentivize putting profits into salaries and investments rather than dividends and stock buy backs. Going after how people buy and sell goods does nobody any good.

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