HIPAA violation

I know it's serious and I'm not taking anything away from that. But I think anyone who works in healthcare knows that is a dichotomous industry: policy and expectations VS actual lived everyday reality. To essentially threaten someone else's livelihood when we've just come through / are still going through a pandemic - in my opinion, wasn't a smart move. There are other ways it could have been dealt with from a human/learning perspective. Policies only exist to protect the corporate organisations that run hospital facilities from legal ramifications, not because they actually care about anyone's information being divulged or their staff on the floor. Unless the OP is the manager of these two individuals, I don't see why it is their responsibility to report them unless they're vying for a management position themselves. To pretend otherwise is just delusional, I don't think it's an ethical thing I think it's a bit of one upmanship on OP's part. Doctors don't do this to one another, so I'm not sure why nurses do. And although everyone on here is saying "yes, report it" at the end of the day these people aren't putting themselves in the firing line so they shouldn't really gas the OP up in this way. OP will just end up making a name for themselves and people will pay lip service to them doing the "right thing" but they will be wary themselves should they do anything wrong in future. It's different if someone is actually causing harm to a patient but from what I can gather here this doesn't seem to be the case.

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