I hired content writers from 17 different websites, and most of them were scammers.

I wouldn't pay $1,000 for a 2000 word essay, so I couldn't comment...

My entire point was that if you're accusing people of being scammers, or if you're generally unhappy with the content for a certain sum, it is likely that you're hiring at the lower end of the spectrum. You're mostly hiring those without skills (can only command a low fee) or those who don't know their value (very unlikely to meet many, as people tend to copy others).

As an example; if you pay $1 for your car to be cleaned, it is likely hit or miss. You've likely found a kid, low skilled person, or someone who doesn't know what their value is.
If you pay $10,000 for your car to be cleaned, it is very very unlikely to not be at an amazingly high standard. You likely found a car detailer.

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