[Hiring] Associate editor, Writer's Digest magazine (Blue Ash)

Position Overview

This position involves editing, coordinating content, writing and performing administrative tasks on Writer’s Digest magazine, including our websites, special issues and other WD community projects. The associate editor reports to the magazine’s editor and works closely with other members of the editorial team, as well as regular contributors, industry contacts and readers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Managing a selection of regular columns and departments, including researching and helping to develop story ideas, writing and editing articles, and working with freelancers on assignments and revisions.

  2. Fact-checking and proofreading of all magazine content (columns, departments and features).

  3. Putting copy into InDesign software, applying type styling, and copyfitting.

  4. Inputting senior editors’ corrections to all magazine content (columns, departments and features) into the InDesign files, addressing any outstanding queries and re-copyfitting as necessary, all with impeccable attention to detail and care not to introduce new errors.

  5. Serving as the lead editor on two to four special interest publications a year, developing content lineups and submitting them for the chief WD editor’s approval, adapting and updating previously published content, and occasionally creating or acquiring new content, and then shepherding the issue through the production process, working closely with a graphic designer.

  6. Handling administrative duties such as processing author galleys, acceptance agreements, check requests and contributor copies; answering mail and email to general email inboxes.

  7. Assisting as needed with content updates and posts on the brand’s website and social media.

  8. Editing and writing occasional feature articles for the magazines and their related projects.


• Excellent editing, writing and interpersonal skills

• Must be highly organized, flexible and self-motivated

• Aptitude for juggling tasks and priorities, as well as meeting deadlines

• Strong reporting and researching skills

• Impeccable attention to detail and knowledge of AP style, plus ability to quickly learn house style

Specialized Skills:

• Enthusiasm, creativity and collaborative spirit

• Experience with Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Office

• Interest in and eagerness to learn about the craft and business of writing, as well as the publishing industry


Requires 4-year degree in journalism, communications or English, plus a minimum of 1 year professional experience.

Job Specifications (examples: ability to travel by plane, lift and carry 20 lbs., stand or sit for extended periods of time):

Ability to travel by plane; lift and carry 20 lbs.; stand or sit for extended periods of time; use office equipment such as copier, telephone and fax; speak clearly and communicate by telephone with authors, staff and the public.

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