Hiring Brasse is probably the worst choice Pantheon has made

snowballs into a witchhunt

This is not about Brasse but it's something you've reminded me of. One of the things you have said multiple times is that you believe the community can police itself. I think it's very obvious that for community policing to have any teeth at all, players must be able to have discussion about what the community standards should be, and be able to communicate with each other about players whose behavior goes against those community standards.

And most importantly, I don't think it is anywhere NEAR enough for that kind of communication to be limited to in-game and private guild websites only; it needs to be on public and official forums as well. So I'm wondering if, when the game releases, if you still anticipate that community self-policing will be the first defense against malefactors in Terminus, are you going to consider discussions about players who engage in actions the community has deemed bad, to be "witch hunting"?

Now, let me give credit- I would have expected most gaming companies to close a thread like this already because they're way way too ready to censor things like this. That you have not, is highly to your credit. But the reason I'm asking you this, is because, right now, this is just one thread. When the game releases and there are 100 threads every night about various misdeeds, what happens then? Will you continue to say "community, police thyself" but then prevent the information-sharing that is the very foundation of community self-policing?

Also, what does this have to do with Brasse? Well, if she's going to be a community manager then she'll likely have some input into how this goes on the forums later on, and be one of the ones actually closing or not closing the threads.

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