[Hiring] Illustrator + Animator for Web/App Media

Hello RevisionZero,

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator who can do different styles and can animate (stopped animating years ago, but I still have the skills and knowledge and would love to go back to it, specially simpler stuff).
This is some of my work:


I generally charge per project since I'm better skilled with some styles than others, but between US$20 and US$50.

Right now I'm pretty flexible and am constantly available, since I generally work with smallish projects and my main freelance employer recently discovered her spirituality and left her job to go find herself. :D

Well, hope you like my work. And if you do, please let me know more about the kind of projects and ideas you have in mind.


[Hiring] Illustrator + Animator for Web/App Media (self.forhire)
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Hey /r/forhire[1] ,
Looking for an illustrator first and foremost who enjoys working on a myriad of things with a change of style/approach/etc continually. I am part of a small team that is super focused on creating great iOS, Android and Web products but we are lacking someone to create unique illustrations to go along with these.In addition the ability to animate these illustrations is a huge plus.
Pretty flexible on everything but looking for someone interested in a long-term relationship that might start off with a few projects continually (1 after another) but hoping to ramp it into a more full-time gig if everything jives.
This would be remote and consistent availability (not necessarily a lot, just consistent) is ideal. If interested please PM me some example work, availability and hourly rate. Looking forward to hearing from a few of you!

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