[Hiring] Logo design for adult entertainment

One of your examples is vector art, one is either a photo or 3d render. They were made with very different programs. $100 for something made in illustrator is definitely doable. But it's a bit of a stretch for photo-real, as the best results would mean a 3d render and not an ai file.

Are you asking for two executions of the same logo, to use for different purposes? Example A is drastically different and requires far less technical ability than example B. I'd up the price if you're thinking both are needed (ex: one for small print, one for large displays.)

I could do either one, as I've worked with both illustrator and cinema 4d for years, but $100 will barely cover the software subscription plus time needed to render if you're looking for the level of quality in your second example. Just something to consider.

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