Hiring manager checking in - you're probably better than this sub makes you feel like you are

I’m not disagreeing that it’s not a simple question, but the way it’s being asked isn’t a fair way to judge someone ability to find the solution. I don’t know about most developers but I’m assuming they’re like me and don’t think in computer science vocabulary. They don’t normally hear it spoken and they don’t use it every day conversation. His question wasn’t how to solve a real world problem and is only testing someone’s ability think about basic advanced math functions and talk about it at the same time. People aren’t failing because they don’t how to do it, they’re failing because it’s just not something normally do and they’re being asked to explain verbally instead of type it out. If that’s the skill set you’re looking for, then it’s a great way to vet candidates. But to be all condescending like “these people actually code for a living!?!?!?” makes me wonder what kind of people he’s actually able to hire, and who would really want to work for him anyways.

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